Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i have moved. blogs, that is.

you can now find me at www.emilymcginnis.com.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

could you spare some votes?

ian is currently in a contest by NEXT (british children's clothing). if he ends in the top 50, we will win a trip to universal studios hollywood. note: this is about 41 minutes away from disneyland. you all know me and what a crazy disney nut i am! plus, i'd love to have a special trip with my cute, little guy!

if you can spare a moment, please vote for ian. you can vote once every 24 hours. and, you can vote with every valid email address you may have. i've been voting with all of my addresses every day! the contest runs through march 18.

thanks so much!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

best of 2009

here are my top ten client captures from 2009! thank you to all of my wonderful clients (and friends) who made 2009 such a wonderful year! i really do fall in love with each of my clients and am so appreciative that you put your faith in me!

oh what? you thought i could limit it to ten? do i ever actually limit it to ten? getting these 13 was hard enough!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just trust me. charleston family photographer

i love when my clients just trust me. i had a session last week in north charleston. while k and i were discussing location, i mentioned a place i loved. it had old, abandoned, falling-down houses, pathways, etc. not everyone "gets" that and i understand that. but k just said, "i trust you. if you like it, i'll like it too." oh. how i love this spot. seriously, love it. and she is the first client i've taken there (although i've taken my kids a few times).

i love this family. they are so cute and up for anything. miss m used to be one of my preschool cuties. i remember when she was a wee little one in the youngest class. and now, she is just becoming this beautiful little girl. sigh. little brother was just a baby when i first met him. and now he's a full-fledged toddler who really doesn't care about my camera. there are WAY too many more fun things than miss emily! and mom and dad are just up for anything. i dragged them around for two hours, until our light was completely (and i do mean completely) gone. i love it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

a lovely beaufort day

i would love to have a second home in beaufort. i have found some of my favorite spots there--if only it weren't such a drive. i can't exactly ask charleston clients to drive ninety minutes with me! beaufort is such a beautiful town. and maybe it's that it's still fresh to me since i see a different area almost every time i visit! i am so fortunate to have met some amazing clients, many of whom have turned into wonderful friends.

last week, i traveled to beaufort to meet with two wonderful families. the first was a cute little family--mom is sister to one of my other clients. it was wonderful to meet them and hang out with them. and get to know their little cuties, who were shy, but giggly!

the second is a family who has gone through SO much. the first time we had a session scheduled, mom ended up in the hospital with emergency surgery. so, obviously, our session was postponed. this time, mom had a little boo boo that morning and didn't make it into the pictures. once i get back for their family pictures, i told her there are to be no emergencies! nonetheless, i had a BLAST with her and her boys! she was a great sport, even though i know she was probably tired and in pain. and dad was great too--he pushed those boys on their swing SO much and SO high (and you know how i love old swings!).

at one point, mom mentioned the property next door, with an old barn. i asked if they knew the owners or if it was abandoned. abandoned. um. hello! jackpot! old barn. old car. oh yeah.

Monday, October 26, 2009

i'm nothing...

...if not perpetually behind! i will get caught up. it's been a busy holiday season and i am most definitely NOT complaining. i am extremely grateful for my wonderful clients. it is such a blessing to watch these children grow up. i cannot believe how fortunate i am to be able to do something that i love. i feel truly and completely blessed.

a few weeks back, i had another portrait party at a home in west ashley. a gorgeous home with an amazing dock on the water. sigh. i love my life. i am very grateful to the one who opened her home to us. and also to my faithful hostess, who i can definitely say has been a key figure in the growth of my business.

anyway, if the week prior had been HOT, then this week was chilly. this week, the children were shivering (instead of sweating). but we made it through and had a blast. and most of them had more fun AFTER their session, running around the yard playing. what can i say?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

first holiday portrait party of the season

i love doing portrait parties. yes, it's a lot of work. but it also means i get to meet some new clients and make new friends. this first one was a blast, but HOT. it was hard to think we were taking pictures to go on Christmas cards when it was in the 90s. craziness!

i got to see two "old" friends and then meet some new ones. i love watching these littles grow up. it's one of the highlights of my job! and to meet new friends who i hope to follow through their childhood as well--it doesn't get any better than that!

anyhoo, a huge thanks to miss s for scheduling the sessions! you know i love little e--she is a girl after my own heart! and i sure do love them spunky!